The Hero’s Journey Stages

In the regular world – Where on the journey are you now? Are you asleep under a picnic table at a rest stop?  Or climbing up the mountain?

Call to adventure – You hear it; I know you hear it. It may be a quiet whisper or a banging gong or a high-def billboard on the side of the road.

Refuse the call – This one is so seductive: I’m not good enough, man enough, well dressed enough.  I’m too busy.  Let voice mail pick it up. I put my number on that do-not-call list.  I swear I never heard anything!

Meet mentor(s) – You cannot do this alone. You cannot even do this by just reading this.  You must have a mentor. Your mentor/teacher is right there.  Maybe you need to turn around to see her/him.  You will likely have more than one mentor on the journey.  You are necessary to them as they are to you on this journey.

Cross the threshold– Where you step through what you think is a force field; an inuksuk, the barrier, climb over the fence. Then you see it was an illusion.  But you can’t see that until you take the step.

Tests, trials – Really? Another test?? There will be a few – or maybe more than a few as you build up your physical, emotional, and spiritual muscles.

Approach – Where you see the grail, the mountains in the distance, and you’re so close…and the way you’re used to doing things isn’t working. How can I change my approach?

Ordeal, death – someone or something will die on this stage of the journey.

Reward – seize the magic. You feel it – Awe!!! It fills you up and it was all worth it every trial every pain was all necessary just for this!

Road back – Crap, this road is long. Was it this long going up the mountain??  And now I have to drag the magic back down the mountain, over hill and dale.

Resurrection –  what died before is re-born. Doesn’t make the ordeal any easier….

Return to the village with the magic – sharing what you learned. Start all over again.  Become a mentor.

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