Where did I put That?

Where did you leave that last Journey you attempted?

Do you have a goal you abandoned long ago? Instead of setting the usual new year resolutions, why not scroll through your memory, find an abandoned dream and make that your next Hero’s Journey? It’s really never too late.

You know the stages of the Hero’s Journey, so you’ll be able to recognize where you left off. It really doesn’t matter how little or much you did last time or how long ago it was. You’re going to have to go through those first few stages again, but maybe faster since you know more now.

The bugaboo is those Guardians at the Gate, especially the one in your head: I am too old. I am too young. I have to finish college first. I don’t have any money. I have too many responsibilities. I have a reputation to maintain. What will my neighbors/friends/family/boss think?

I have an easy solution for that particular Guardian. Ask yourself, “What would I think if [insert name] did [insert dream]?  For example, “What would I think if my friend Jennifer bought a horse?”

The answer is either a) Cool! She’s great with animals, or b) I don’t care. Most of the time other people’s dreams do not matter much to you (if you’re honest).

Now when you flip it around, you’ll realize others will have the exact same reaction to you and your dreams: People who love you want you to be happy, everyone else just doesn’t care what you do!

To get started, I recommend taking just a teeny tiny step (Here is how.). Once you’ve decided to embark, that’s all it takes.

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

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