Spotting Someone on the Hero’s Journey

About a year before I wrote my book, Exploring the Magic of Your Hero’s Journey, I noticed one of my friends was clearly on a Hero’s Journey and pointed it out to her while she was ranting a bit about how hard a new class was going for her. Her experiences were practically textbook in matching up to the Journey stages. I hadn’t intended my comment to be motivational, but that was the effect it had. She was in a slog of the Tests and Trials stage. Much later she said that seeing herself on the Hero’s Journey gave her inspiration and a higher purpose, as well as reminding her that the stage she was in would pass. It had to—she was on the Hero’s Journey! Of course, I was on a Hero’s Journey of my own and included her story in the book once I realized I needed to write it.

Once you know the pattern, you start to see people in the stages of the Hero’s Journey everywhere. You hear someone mention feeling a strong call to try something new or change a pattern, but then they discount the feeling or talk about the discouragement and disdain they’re getting from others and you think, “She is so Refusing the Call!” Another friend glows about someone she met who has helped her find her way right when she was fumbling around with her new craft. “She’s Met a Mentor,” you think.

I challenge you to do more than acknowledge her Journey to yourself. Since you’ve noticed someone on a Hero’s Journey, you have to point it out and give them support. Everyone’s Journey needs more allies.

If you’ve ever lifted weights, when you lift you should always have what’s called a “spotter.”  This person stands close by, poised to assist if you need any help.  Sometimes the spotter puts just a finger or two under the bar, barely touching it, but helping all the same.  Mostly the spotter prods, “C’mon, c’mon, you got this!”

I challenge you to offer support whenever you notice someone on the Hero’s Journey. Add encouragement even when the person isn’t a close friend.  You will be that enigmatic ally who said just the right thing, at the right time to make all the difference. “Come on, woman!  You got this.”


Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

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