No Matter how you Look at it the Hero’s Journey is Fractal

I am near the end of my book writing Hero’s Journey. Exploring the Magic of Your Hero’s Journey is uploaded and available on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.  The Road Back stage threw some potholes out near the finish line with cover and iBooks formatting challenges.  I’ll get through them. defines a fractal as “a geometrical or physical structure having an irregular or fragmented shape at all scales of measurement between a greatest and smallest scale…” I usually just say that the pattern repeats no matter how large or small the view.

I recognize the fractal nature of the Hero’s Journey, though, and see another Journey starting for me. My Journey for selling the book, speaking about the Hero’s Journey is just beginning and it’s layering onto the end of the writing Journey. I know it’s starting because I have been refusing the call nearly every day. I tell myself, “It was the completion of the book that was key. It doesn’t matter if it sells at all.”  When you refuse the call, you have to lie to yourself. (I think exploring that should be another post.)

I am physically on a Journey right now as I sit and type this in the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport traveling from Tucson to Madison. I have been on a Journey for greater awareness and inner peace for over thirty years now. My Journey to expand my shamanic practice is moving along through Tests and Trials.  Through all of these Journeys one learns from the other.  One teaches lessons that I use on another Journey.  I am an acknowledged mentor for others’ Journeys.  I try to be an ally wherever I can.  I may also be a mentor for another Journey and not even know it.

This is all true for you, too. Think about your friends’ Journeys.  What role do you fill for them?

4 thoughts on “No Matter how you Look at it the Hero’s Journey is Fractal

  1. Hello Pat,

    this is a very interesting question! “Think about your friends’ Journeys. What role do you fill for them?”

    I think I’ve played different roles. Sometimes messenger and mentor, and when people don’t like to go on their journeys, I can be a Shapeshifter, too and be gone for quite a while. Leave them to their own devices and travel my own path. Doesn’t sound too nice, but it’s been necessary at times.

    I love the nuggets you give here on your blog journey!

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