One Journey, Many Journeys

You are never alone on your Hero’s Journey. If you’re thrashing about and you’re alone, that’s not a Hero’s Journey, it’s just a bad day/week/month. A Hero’s Journey requires other people. The other people with you will be mentors, allies, foes, and guardians, to name the most prominent.

The others you encounter on your Journey are each on their own Journey. Your mentor may be on the last stage of her Journey. A shape-shifter may be going through her own Tests and Trials. One of your allies may be denying her own Call to Adventure. A threshold guardian may be at her Ordeal.

Once you get to the last stage of your Hero’s Journey it’s likely you’ll shift into the role of mentor for someone else when you Bring the Magic Back to the Village.

Journeys intersect, intertwine, and overlap. Those you meet on your Journey will be on their own. If not now, soon.

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