Your Internal Mentor

I frequently ignore my most convenient mentor.  Do you?

I believe you cannot go on the Hero’s Journey alone, and a key companion is a mentor. Even though we have communication devices now that enable cross-planet calls from nearly anywhere we care to be, sometimes we just can’t reach a mentor in time.

I have the best mentor ever  in my intuition, but I just don’t use her often enough.  My body is the instrument for my intuition. She tells me what she knows to be true and, silly me, I just ignore her wisdom.  I rely more on my ego-analytical mind.  My mind’s shown me to be the ultimate trickster, yet I go back to her again and again.

But I’m learning.  I notice the tings and twinges more that prompt me to stop thinking and start listening.   I stop thinking and put my attention on my gut and stay in feel.  That gut feeling is the intuition and knows both the present and the future. I don’t know how it does, but it does.

I wonder, as we find more about the gut biome and the bazillions of bacteria that make their home there, will we learn about their intelligence and wisdom someday soon?




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