It’s Going to be Hard

Stop right now, if you think your Hero’s Journey is going to be easy or fun.

It’s not. It’s going to be hard. Really hard.

You’ll want to quit almost every day.
You will question your ideas constantly.
You will be embarrassed and isolated.

To succeed, you will have to do things that make you feel all flugey, itchy, and anxious.

It’s going to hurt worse than that time you thought you could stand up on your bicycle seat like the big kids did, but you wiped out and scraped most of your arm skin off and dislocated your shoulder, and your mom used peroxide to clean the gravel out, and you didn’t even get a cool cast for the class to sign.

Yeah, it’ll hurt like that.

Do you still want to do it? Do you still feel you have to do it?

okay, c’mon then.

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