What do you Imbue with Power?

With the new year of 2022 upon us, rather than make a resolution, let’s decide to pursue an exploration.  Explore yourself to identify where you give up your power.

In a previous post, I detailed the power of a talisman you create to assist you on your Hero’s Journey.

When you create a talisman yourself, you are allowing that talisman to enhance your power.  It can recharge you with a memory and its emotional significance.  But you are deliberately giving the power to the object in order to help you. That is a critical point.

I wondered the other day, to what am I giving power?  Especially without knowing that I am doing it.

After just a little thought, I came up with:

  • The clock (What time is it? I can’t be late. I have to get done on time.)
  • Books/words (Maybe this book (or blog post) will give me the answer.)
  • “The one who wants to eat” (I’m not hungry, but the eight-year-old me wants candy or to stop and get french fries.)

What (or who) are you giving power to that, if you stopped juicing it, would have no power in your life?

If I am allowing these things to be powerful in my life, where could I be using that power instead?  It’s all about the attention and energy.

I’m starting small by working to reduce clock power.  Every time I turn to the clock on my day off, I realize I am diminishing my creative energy.  I am taking attention away from myself and giving it to some digital numbers.  My body will tell me when it needs to empty or fill up. I don’t need to worry what time it is for food or the bathroom.  Interestingly, that seems like it will have an impact on “the one who wants to eat,” too.

Spend some time thinking about, and noticing, where you give away your power easily.  Write a few items down. Pull out your talisman. Notice the difference between what you voluntarily give power and where you’ve been letting it be sucked away. How do they feel different? Then take an item from your list and decide some steps to enable you to reduce or eliminate its power.

Your Journey just got a little easier.

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

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