Are you the Villain in your own Story?

Oooo… Uncomfortable question.

To shift perspectives and see pursuit of your goals as a Hero’s Journey, you must act as the Hero of the story. You are the one who must get past the Guardians at the Gate, overcome the obstacles in the Tests and Trials, and face down the demon of the Ordeal. So, what if the villain (sinister music) has been you?  

Rachel Bloom did a spot-on rendition for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”  that you can relive here.  She sees her own bad behavior with clarity:

My actions have gone way too far.
I told myself that I was Jasmine,
But I realize now I’m Jafar.”

I am writing this post because I caught myself calling myself “stupid” today. I would never never never call a friend that, yet I did it to myself. I acted the villain.  Usually I don’t notice. Villains can be sneaky. 

The Hero doesn’t call herself stupid.  The Hero reminds herself of her skills and assets.

The Villain tells herself to give up; that it’s too hard.  The Hero keeps trying with teeny, tiny micro-steps to inch toward her goal.

The Villain pulls away.  The Hero calls to her mentors and allies for help.

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself.  Catch the Villain and reform her!



Photo by Lua Valentia on Unsplash


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