The First Step is Deciding

Now might just be the perfect time.

It could be the perfect time for you to change how you see yourself and what you want to accomplish.

Now is the time to start your Hero’s Journey.

A lot of stuff is happening here at mid-2020 (pandemic, violent protests against racially-driven injustice, a U.S. presidential election year), but a lot of stuff is always happening.

Whatever you want to change in your life, you can set out to accomplish it as a Hero’s Journey. That one step, that very powerful step, is a decision that makes all the difference.

Taking the step to change your mindset and set your goal as a Hero’s Journey makes the goal life-changing but also doable because the steps are already laid out for you.

The stages of the Hero’s Journey are:

  1. In the regular world
  2. Call to adventure
  3. Refuse the call
  4. Meet mentor(s)
  5. Cross the threshold
  6. Tests, trials
  7. Approach
  8. Ordeal, death
  9. Reward – seize the magic
  10. Road back
  11. Resurrect
  12. Return to the village with the magic

Right now you’re bouncing back and forth between stage two and stage three.  Just reading this post tells me you hear the Call, but you’ve been ignoring it or shouting it down. There’s likely been a mentor floating around your life, too.

It can’t hurt to give it a try. Shift how you think of yourself and your goal.  It’s a lot cooler to be on a Hero’s Journey than to be working through a to-do list.  You are epic poem material!

Take that one step, and you are now on a Hero’s Journey. Your life is changing.

Bam!  You just crossed the threshold and you’re on your way.



Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

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