Stop Resisting Already!

Definition of resist

intransitive verb

to exert force in opposition

Think about that definition:  to exert force in opposition.

Turns out resisting is not passive.  Resisting is active.

Turns out you aren’t ignoring your Call to a Hero’s Journey, you’re actively pushing it away.

Resisting the Call requires you exert force consistently to quell your desire. Resisting the Call requires you push against the pull you feel to Cross the Threshold and begin your Journey. Resisting requires you apply a force equal – but against – what you say you want.

It is exhausting to expend that much energy to just stand still.

What would it feel like to drop that resistance for just one step?

What would it feel like to think only about that one step forward?

When we Resist the Call to our own Hero’s Journey, we have a lot of company.  Most people never complete their potential Journey.  I believe they get stopped because they are thinking way too far ahead and they can’t see the path to their goal.

There is a quote from the author, E.L. Doctorow, “[Writing is] like driving a car at night: you never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”  You can apply his observation to any goal, and especially your Hero’s Journey.

No Hero starts out knowing for sure what her path will look like.  She knows only where she wants to go and becomes willing to take each step along the way, no matter what comes up. Some steps move quickly and surely along the path; others knock you on your butt.  That’s why it’s a Hero’s Journey, not a walk in the park.

Today, take one step toward your goal.  Just one step, no matter how small. Feel how good you feel to let go of resisting and move forward.



Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash



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