Magic Breathes

“One day magic breathed.  The next, it died.”Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

“Magic always leaves traces, sometimes very distinctive traces.” Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  by JK Rowling

Magic breathes.  It lives. It takes in and lets out.  It has a rhythm  It has an action and a rest.  It exchanges… energy, love, awareness.

You can feel yourself doing it; you can feel others doing it.

You didn’t need to learn to breathe, you showed up here knowing.  Just like you instinctively know how to use your magic on your Hero’s Journey.

Meditate on your magic, as you meditate on your breath.

Allow your magic the rest it needs, as you allow your breath to rest after exertion.

Time and practice enhance your Journey magic, as your breath power grows by practicing with an Incentive Spirometer.

The small, sure steps you take on your Hero’s Journey cement your feelings of accomplishment. The more slowly and calmly you breathe, the better you feel overall.

Magic breathes.




Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash


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