What? I’m not done?

You have struggled and pushed and endured and FINALLY… grabbed the reward you’ve been working for on your Journey. Whew! It feels great.

Funny thing, though… You are only halfway through the Journey.  Search the web for “hero’s journey images” and you will find a lot of the same circle pictures.  Just over halfway around the circle is the reward or where you “seize the magic.”  Surprised?  Everything our culture teaches us is that the reward is what the Journey is about. Nope.  Not the Hero’s Journey.  Maybe a road trip.

Seize the Magic is the better term for this part of the Journey so you’re not deceived into thinking you’re done.  You’re not.  Well, you could be.  You can stop right here if you want, but then you will not have done a Hero’s Journey.

Grabbing the reward feels great.  It really does.  But it’s nothing compared to the feeling you can get (a feeling you can experience over and over) when you share your magic.  This is the real topper to the Hero’s Journey.

Hang in there!


Photo by Andreas Fidler on Unsplash

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