Which direction to go?

Life brings decisions.  Traveling the Hero’s Journey is no different.

The first step across the threshold requires a decision.  Listening to my mentor’s advice  requires a decision.  How to get around and through the Tests and Trials requires many, many decisions. Opening up to the change the Ordeal brings requires the big decision:  can I risk being vulnerable enough to change to finish my Journey?

I’ve triggered a new Journey chock full of decisions, but I have the advantage of a) knowing I’m on a Hero’s Journey and b) knowing the stages of the Hero’s Journey.  I have more information about what could come next.

For every decision I can ask myself, “Will a left turn here be more true to the Journey, or a right turn?” “Is straight on more true to my Journey, or waiting a bit?”  In those quiet, honest moments I hear the answer and the signpost points the way.

When I keep my decisions in the context of my Hero’s Journey I remind myself that my decisions are what make my Journey easier and ultimately successful. Yes, I am still scared, but I’ve widened up and seen myself and my decisions in the big picture.



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