The Grateful Hero

I am not always grateful that I am on the Hero’s Journey.  Why would I be grateful to do something really hard, something that’s going to hurt? I’m not grateful for the tests and the trials and that intensely painful, scary ordeal that comes in every Journey no matter how much we try and avoid it.

I am grateful, though, for those who are with me on the Journey.  I am grateful for my allies and my mentors.  I am grateful we know we’re on a Journey.  I am grateful there was someone in front of me and someone behind me.  I’m grateful even if we all think we’re a bunch of dumbasses for stepping out over the edge, mostly unprepared for what we will meet.

I say “mostly” unprepared because we are prepared in the only way we can be.  We are not alone; we have helpers with us.  We have knowledge of the Journey stages.  We decided to do take the step into the unknown.  This makes me a grateful hero.


Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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