Only Ordinary People go on the Hero’s Journey

One of the great paradoxes of the Hero’s Journey is that the Journey is never completed by a hero.  It is completed by an ordinary person taking thousands of steps and showing extraordinary commitment to her goal.

You think you’re not good enough? Not strong enough? Not smart enough? Not whatever-enough? Great.  It makes you normal and ordinary and perfect for your Hero’s Journey.

Really.  The more banal and average you think you are, the more suited you are for the Hero’s Journey.

Do you want a good example?  Here’s a story of a tailor from Massachusetts who created a school for girls in Afghanistan.

You need to be ordinary. If you already think you’re hot stuff, you don’t have the space in your ego to grow. If you already think you know most of what there is to know from life, you won’t be able to learn anything from the pain of the Hero’s Journey stages.

If, however, you are curious and willing to experience a lot of itching and scratching in order to evolve, then c’mon, let’s go.






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