Did we create the idea of the Hero’s Journey?

I believe the universe is love, benevolent, inherently good.  Add some other synonyms if you like.

Joseph Campbell said that the Monomyth of the Hero’s Journey was in the consciousness, that “myth was nature talking.”  He used the examples of myths through time and across cultures to illustrate his point.  In story after story, he proved his point that a story of a hero overcoming demons, grasping the magic, and returning to her village to share what she has learned, is universal.

I believe he was right in his observation that the Hero’s Journey is a part of the consciousness we all share.

Setting out on your own, on purpose Hero’s Journey opens a window directly into the consciousness and aligns your purpose with its benevolent purpose. When you are aligned with the universe, how can you possibly fail?!

Campbell may have noticed the pattern of the Hero’s Journey, but he didn’t create it.  It was there already.

I think it created us to fulfill its purpose.

One thought on “Did we create the idea of the Hero’s Journey?

  1. Hello Pat, I’ve added your blog to my RSS feed so I’m not going to miss your inspirational writing in the future! It’s encouraging to read your articles. From this one I’ve learned that I want to listen more to the purpose in what I’m striving for right now. Maybe this could align my task with the magic and it’s going to be much easier.


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