One of my Writer Heroes – A Woman and Mountains

 “I’m just saying, I guess, there’s another version, after this version, to look forward to. Because of wisdom or hormones or just enough years going by. If you live long enough you quit chasing things that hurt you; you eventually learn to hear the sound of your own voice.” – Pam Houston, Deep Creek

Today I finished Deep Creek by one of favored authors, Pam Houston. To me her essays are consistently deep and moving. The courage it takes to write and share her personal stories staggers me. I have heard, though, that the more personal your story, the more easily readers can identify with it. An amazing inverse magic this book proves true.

Her observation about chasing things that hurt you still has me thinking… I believe it’s true. Age and introspection do eventually clear away the haze. I wonder though, why do we ever chase things that hurt us? Why does it take so long to learn, stove: hot: hurt?

I have come up with a short list of possibilities:

We chase hurt so we can prove ourselves stronger than the hurt (or the hurter)

We chase hurt because (as Ms Houston said) we’re listening to others’ voices tell us what to do

We chase hurt because we don’t realize we have a choice not to

We chase hurt because we see only the illusion until we finally get the angle that lets us see its truth

There’re probably more reasons– well, as many as us.

Photo by Leslie Cross on Unsplash

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