How Large are You?

How large are you?

I don’t mean height or weight.

I mean where does the you that you think of as you end?

For some of us, we a first impression sense of our “size” as extending several inches to a foot or more around our body.  Is this an aura?  I don’t know. I do know what I can feel.

When you think of you, how large can you feel yourself to be? Are you large enough to include your home? Your neighborhood? Town? Planet?

This blog post on Reality Hacker got me thinking about “largeness” as a way to make it easier to start on your Journey by expanding the your awareness of who will benefit from your Journey.  A larger you on a Journey brings benefits long before you are at the end of the Journey cycle when you Return to the Village with the Magic.

The larger you see yourself, if you include greater space and more people, animals, and plants, the more likely you will see your Call as beneficial to more than yourself and the more likely you’ll get off of your duff and start. A feeling of greater purpose imbues your goal with more than “just you.” Wider benefits make our goals and purpose more solid and more imperative.

It is a bit of a paradox:  Your Journey is firstly for you and you should embark on a Journey for yourself.  However, if “You” includes an expansive amount of people, places, and things, your Journey immediately ripples out to benefit others.  If it helps you to think of the others who will benefit, great!

But what if you don’t feel larger than the end of your fingers and toes?  There are lot of awareness exercises to get you practiced in expanding your self.  Put Google to work showing you some.  You could try one I use,  the Avatar Expansion Exercise.  It takes about three minutes and feels pretty good.

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

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