You’ve done it Before; You can do it Again

Somewhere in your past you’ve completed a Hero’s Journey.  Once you know that, it’s easy to believe that you can do it again. The key is recognizing the Journeys in your past.

Ask yourself these questions:

Have I ever set out to do something I’d never done before?
Was I a little (or even a lot) frightened to do it?
Did I decide to do it anyway?
Did I have helpers show for me?
Was there a point I wanted to give up?
Did I decide to keep going anyway, no matter the result?
Did I learn something new about myself when I decided to keep going?  Did I grow as a result?
Did I finish anyway–no matter the result?
Did I tell others about my experience?  Did I share what I learned?

Need some examples?

You never ran a race before, but trained and ran a 10K or marathon.

You are the first person in your family to go to college.  You got grants and loans and at first felt really out of place, but you stuck with it and finished (probably with honors).

You wanted to visit Paris, but most of your family had never been very far from home.  But you saved money, cut out pictures, and practiced your French for years.  You finally got to Paris and had a memorable time.  It wasn’t movie-perfect, but it was unforgettable. Ah… the smell of fresh croissants in the morning!

When you think back on your previous Hero’s Journey, it’s easy to judge that it wasn’t big enough to be a true Hero’s Journey.  A Hero’s Journey usually starts out small.  Sometimes it stays small, and sometimes it goes big.

Remember these people? Malala started by just wanting to go to school herself.  Judy Heumann just wanted to be able to get into buildings like most people, but her wheelchair wouldn’t make it up the stairs. (If you haven’t watched Crip Camp, go do it now!) LeeAnne Walters just wants safe drinking water in Flint.

Your Journey may not go as big as these women’s, but don’t let that stop you from going after what you want.  Every Journey is worthwhile.

Photo by Joshua Mcknight from Pexels

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