Polish your Talisman

In one of my earliest posts, I wrote What to Pack for your Hero’s Journey, and how important a talisman is for your Journey.

“The talisman will serve to remind you that every stage has an end and the Hero’s Journey has an end, but It will also remind you that you are part of all that is and that you must have help along the way…A talisman connects you consciously to the Journey.”

No matter what you have for a talisman; it must be used. Where do you keep it? Is it always at hand? When you sit down to work on the tasks that are part of your Journey, do you pull out your talisman?  Or has it fallen to the bottom of your backpack?  Has it been hidden by a pile of papers, books, or magazines?

You must create a ritual for your talisman to keep its power fresh to you and keep your attention focused.

Pull out your talisman now. If, for example, your talisman is a photograph of someone for whom you are doing this Journey, spend a few moments remembering that person, your love for them, and what your Journey means for their memory. State your purpose out loud.

If your talisman is an object that has meaning only to you, you must still remind yourself of why you chose or were given it. Be deliberate when you pick it up to put on or put in your pocket. State your purpose out loud.

A talisman ritual takes only moments and energizes your tasks with renewed purpose.




Photo by Kelly McCrimmon on Unsplash

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