The Mentor you’ve been Missing

You can’t complete a Hero’s Journey by yourself.  If you think you can, you’re deluding yourself.  Every hero has allies and mentors to help along the way.  Some are there for the entire Journey; some pop up just when you need them, then disappear.

I recommend you try something different next time you need advice or help.  Instead of calling a friend or coach, look around for the wise one right at your feet.  You don’t want to miss calling on the helpers that surround us all of the time; make them part of your Journey.


Look around you right now and find a natural element.  It will tell you what you need to know if you ask the question and listen for the response.

There’re four and a half more in my mini-book, 5-and-1/2 Hidden Helpers for Your Hero’s Journey.

Download a PDF for free or get the Kindle version



Photo by Ramesh Iyer on Unsplash


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