Sharing the Magic

“Let’s say that if you tested me today, I can lift a certain amount of weight, physical weight.  That’s my current limit.  But I can get stronger.  Let’s say I start lifting weights regularly, steadily increasing that weight.  Over time, I can develop my muscles so that I’m able to lift twice as much weight, maybe more.  It is possible for me to get stronger.  But it takes time and perseverance, and some measure of pain.  Now extend that analogy to handling the knowledge of this text.  Given enough time and effort, I could bear the ‘weight’ of more knowledge.  Probably not all of it.  A single person, no matter how strong, could probably not bear the weight of all of the knowledge.  But many people, bearing the weight together, they could do it.”

from “A Handbook of Universal Truths” by StoryFeather.  Go read her whole story.  It’s good.  I’ll wait.

No matter the stage of the Hero’s Journey, it’s not doable alone. It’s not even a Hero’s Journey if you think you did it by yourself. To qualify as an official, certifiable Journey you must have a mentor, allies, and… you have to return to the village with the magic you created.

Where are you on your Hero’s Journey? (Review the Stages of the Hero’s Journey if you’re not sure.)  Every time you talk with an ally or mentor about your Journey you are sharing the magic.  When you’re waffling during Refuse the Call and your friends encourage you, that’s sharing the magic. During Tests and Trials when all you can do is talk about how hard it is — that’s sharing the magic or, as StoryFeather put it, “bearing the weight together.”

I’ve put a lot of emphasis on the “sharing,” but the best part is you’re sharing MAGIC! Twinkly, glowing, pulsating, MAGIC. Think of that glowing nebula passing from your hand to your friend’s.  You have it and you get to share it.

Today, look for a way to share the magic of your Hero’s Journey with someone:  a long-time ally, a mentor, or anyone who will listen.  What a great gift to give any day!



Image courtesy of NASA

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