A Benevolent Universe

A Hero’s Journey is tough. Two of the stages are just about the tough times: Tests and Trials stage and the Ordeal stage. There are a lot of times I feel like everything is against me.  When I’m really sick and feel awful, I wonder, “Why me?”  When someone tells me no, or “You can’t do it that way,” I get angry and frustrated and take their response personally. When I just can’t get something to work right, I feel like the universe is set against me. My negative reactions to Tests and Trials have always made me wonder, is the universe against me? Or is it benevolent? Does the universe wish me well?

In spite of my whining and occasional disregard for my privilege, I say yes.  Absolutely. The universe is full of life in many forms.  The universe is expanding.  New life is created every moment.  Everything that dies feeds the next cycle of life. Nothing is wasted (Second Law of Thermodynamics, I think). Constant growth, life, and creation are what the universe is all about.

The Hero’s Journey is a cycle and I always need to remember that. Whatever part of me I have to let go of, burn, or abandon in one stage feeds the next stage. A growth stage provides me the energy and will to get through a painful stage.

My Hero’s Journey feeds the Journey of others, too. Every bit of energy and care I provide as an ally or mentor enhances someone else’s Journey.  How can I ever question that the universe (consciousness) wishes me–and everyone– well?



Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

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