The Quieter Journey of the Adventurer

When you are a woman who climbs mountains, rapels from cliff tops, or paddles whitewater, what does your Hero’s Journey look like?  It’s not going to be a higher mountain, a steeper cliff, or a faster river.

“Swimming is great, but you might have to learn to drown a little.” – from Contents May Have Shifted by my beloved author Pam Houston.

The Adventurer’s Journey will end up being quieter and not nearly as photogenic as her social media accounts show. It will likely involve failing and falling.  It will probably be a facer into self-awareness.

The Adventurer is skilled and prepared.  She knows how to tie a knot and how to reach and stretch her body.  But her Journey will take her to a very uncomfortable place (like it does for all of us).  It’s just that her uncomfortable place may be where the rest of us sit most days.

So, my usual advice applies to you, too, leaping one:  Ask for help.

Your mentor won’t be in your usual crowd, though, because they’re not going on this Journey with you.  You need someone more used to flopping and futzing through things.  Ask the woman you’ve judged harshly and see what new heights this Journey will help you reach.




Photo by Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash

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