You Deserve an Epic Poem

An epic poem.  Yes, like the Iliad or the Odyssey.  Like Gilgamesh. And Beowulf.

The Academy of American Poets says an Epic is “a long, often book-length, narrative in verse form that retells the heroic journey of a single person, or group of persons.”

Where are you on your own Hero’s Journey?

The Hero’s Journey

In the regular world
This usual place
The thinnest but darkest veil
Tomorrow changes me

Call to adventure
Whisper, cry, or crash
The call cannot be silenced
Awake or asleep

Refuse the call
I cover my ears
La la la la la over it –This is where most people live their lives.  Too afraid to move forward and too afraid to go back.  Too afraid to change, but too afraid to let go of the idea.  You know you cannot be that person. 
Take a deep breath and do it.

Meet mentor(s)
Sage or samurai
Owl, turtle, witch or wizard
My teacher appears.

Cross the threshold
Twitch, lean, reach out toward
One toe, one foot, one step, one
Decision.  That’s all.

Tests, trials
I am near my limits
Exhaustion, pain, fear throttle me
Who? What can I trust?

I am not alone
I know what lies ahead, but
I take the next breath.

Ordeal, death
What I thought was pain
Was nothing and no warning
For this no being.

Reward – seize the magic
I grasp it — the prize
And the electric shock of
Change magicates me.

Road back
Oh jubilation
Trips me and slips me down
A road too narrow.

I know this is it
The final test giving it
All of me away.

Return to the village with the magic
Transforming message
I bring this with me
for all.

In which stage are you? Tap into your own magication and start your own epic. Don’t wait until the last stage to appreciate your Journey

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

One thought on “You Deserve an Epic Poem

  1. This is most beautiful, Pat! I love your Hero’ Journey poem.

    In a way I’m after the last stage – I’m teaching my message with my blog like you are. But – there’s no book yet. And what might be the next journey …?

    Thanks for your blog and message, Pat!


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