My New Book is Coming This Year

My new book, Exploring the Magic of Your Hero’s Journey, is targeted for September 9, 2017 publication.

Chapter 1 – You’ve already done a Hero’s Journey
Chapter 2 – Where on the Hero’s Journey are You?
Chapter 3 – Who’s Calling? Your Adventure!
Chapter 4 – Stop the Denial
Chapter 5 – Mentor and Allies – Build your Team
Chapter 6 – One Step Across the Threshold
Chapter 7 – Tests and Trials
Chapter 8 – Change Your Approach
Chapter 9 – The Ordeal and [Even-Maybe-Likely] Death
Chapter 10 – You Seize the Magic
Chapter 11 – The Long and Winding Road Back
Chapter 12 – A New Version of You is Resurrected
Chapter 13 – Sharing Your Magic with the Village

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