The Noise you Don’t Hear is the Call

You’re successful and accomplished.  You’ve done everything you were supposed to do.  You checked all the boxes and did it all the right way.  You’ve been good. Yet you still don’t feel complete.

You’re moving quickly through sad to mad.  “I thought I was promised happiness and fulfilment if I towed the line.  I was promised that, wasn’t I?”

…and the universe answers with silence… because you know you weren’t actually promised anything.

That vacuum, that deafening sucking sound is The Call for a Hero’s Journey.

There’s something you are called to do, isn’t there? It might be grand, or it might be small by someone else’s standards. The resistance you feel is the normal, next part of a Journey.  It helps you make sure you really want to do this.  It clarifies your purpose. And I don’t believe it’s ever too late or you’re ever too old (or too young) to do the Hero’s Journey.

You just need to take the first step, no matter how small. One step, no matter how small, is still movement in the direction of your goal. Micro steps are really the way to go for your first Journey. Once you start moving, the roar of silence will quiet down.  The itch of frustration will be soothed by the adventure of the Journey.

You’ve already done the good girl thing.  Now let’s do the great girl thing!

Photo by Serafima Lazarenko on Unsplash

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